A Message from Our President

It is surreal running “business as usual” when so many businesses are scrambling for contingency plans in the light of states of emergency being declared. Clients are stressed. Friends are out of work. Whispers of recession keep lurking in the background. And yet, we persevere. Due to our unique structure and ability to be agile, Circle Three employees are continuing to serve from a healthy distance.

When I started Circle Three, I made sure to build employee care into the company’s foundation. I didn’t foresee COVID-19. What I saw at the time was a company that needed to treat its employees with the same care we treat our customers. I saw a company that recognized its employees have lives outside of work. I saw compassion interlaced with a drive for excellence. I saw flexibility while living up to commitments. I saw ways to delight our customers and always be there for them without sacrificing our team’s mental and physical health.

So no, I didn’t see COVID-19, but I did see myself and every member of the Circle Three team now and in the future safe and happy working wherever they’re most comfortable and productive – and right now that’s at home…hopefully washing their hands a lot.

– Jessica Shrout