“Working with Jessica for many years, I’ve seen her commitment to long term goals. Using a modern marketing approach and proven techniques, she has helped fuel the growth of my business. Always professional and fun to work with, makes her a great assets for any team!”

Shane Highsmith

It is a pleasure to work with and learn from Jessica at Circle Three Branding. She has brought a new level of knowledge, and a systematic approach to marketing that has helped us more than double our sales growth goals at Borden Waste-Away.

Kyle Woolsey
Director of Sales

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica who was always very supportive of our group and I was impressed with her wide variety of skills and expertise when it comes to branding and marketing. I found her to be a great communicator, very professional, and always doing a little bit extra.

Matt Diehl

Jessica’s knowledge of marketing techniques and best practices has been invaluable in helping shape marketing materials used by our sales team. Utilizing her understanding and grasp of Neuromarketing has enabled us to sharpen our messaging into more powerful and concise points. Jessica’s professionalism, kindness, helpfulness, and enthusiasm is unmatched. Her ability to work across product lines and disciplines has made her one of my greatest resources.

Dave Dabasinskas

I have seen Jessica work with dogmatically pedantic engineers, aggressively competitive salespeople, and nebulously vague executives. In each of these situations, she proved adept at parsing conversations with each of the various personality types to extract what was important. Jessica knows how to ask the questions that lead to better solutions.

Justin Moore

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica on multiple projects – the biggest one being the overhaul of the public website while she was working for our client. Jessica is a fantastic resource to work with. She has the uncanny ability to bring the marketing and branding team to focus on specific goals instead of trying fix everything in one go. With Jessica, managing stakeholders was a breeze. I would always jump at the opportunity to team up with Jessica once again!

Gopal Ravisankar