Branding with Gratitude

How do you say “thank you” to clients? What about employees? How about vendors that really come through for you?

…do you even say it at all?

Some might say there’s a lack of politeness or manners today. I disagree. True, we may feel busier than ever before or less connected with others due to the digital culture we’ve embraced. Niceties may be somewhat forgotten or downplayed when they come in the form of a text or email, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. They just fade into the digital noise that we’ve adapted to live with and we’ve maybe become less sensitive to them.

When someone does take the extra step to send a card or small token of appreciation it is noticed. This is another opportunity for your brand – whether it’s corporate or personal – to stand out from the crowd. It does take an investment of time and possibly money, but the return on investment is often worth it. If gratitude, or kindness, or going the extra mile is an important value to your brand, look for creative ways to express it.

Here’s a beautiful Thank You we received from a person in New Mexico – someone who definitely stands out from the crowd due to the creativity and time taken to express her gratitude.