Our Story

Have you ever had to explain something to someone outside of your industry? They say they “get it” . . . but recall how many years it took you to fully understand the intricacies of things.

I encountered this issue time and time again with marketing agencies that I’d hire to help me with projects when I worked for a garbage truck OEM. No matter how much care had gone into explaining the task and labeling the photos, somehow an image of a commercial front load truck would end up on the draft of an ad for automated side load trucks. Or a flyer promoting the benefits of a CNG fleet would feature a diesel truck.

These details that were so obvious to those of us in the industry were way too complex for others to catch.

No one was dedicated to supporting the waste industry’s needs for branding and marketing strategy. Add in the growing communications issues the industry faces with recycling challenges and the efforts to minimize waste and reduce the strain on our environment and you have the perfect niche for Circle Three Branding.

What grew from this frustration became a mission to provide quality marketing services from someone who knows what you’re talking about.

Jessica Shrout, President

CircleThreeOverview is an easy downloadable document to share with your executive team.