How It Works

“What will this relationship be like?”

That’s up to you and we’ll give you the tools to decide what you need. For some, Circle Three can be the solution to a lack of in-house marketing power. For others, we can supplement existing staff who need to outsource.

Because marketing strategy is so intertwined with your overall business strategy, many find it beneficial to have an ongoing relationship with Circle Three to grow capacity or meet goals. For those who aren’t sure where to begin, we suggest several strategy meetings to get to the heart of your concerns and set goals and measurement opportunities. We’ll re-evaluate periodically and make sure we’re still a good fit for your needs.

Do you have a one-time need? We help with that, too. Circle Three is occasionally available for a la carte projects – like event planning or article writing. No matter what, we want you to feel like Circle Three is part of your team.

We also casually refer to Circle Three as “the nice marketing agency.” We’ve been in your position and we’ve witnessed marketers who come in with a “burn everything down and start fresh” attitude. To be frank: it hurts and it discredits all the work your team has put in (not to mention the investment you’ve made in the past). That kind of attitude puts you on the defense and makes project planning time feel like a chore. You start to dread meetings and the relationship fall apart because you’re always having to defend yourself.

Circle Three takes a more nuanced approach. We objectively evaluate the work you’ve done in the past, polish the gems, and find ways to enhance, redefine, and align your marketing with your company’s strategic goals. We work collaboratively with your in-house marketers, sales team, operations, customer support, and executives to ensure everyone is delivering the same message. We find ways to work with what you have and optimize the things that work well for you now while taking steps towards a more efficient future. Marketing doesn’t have to be stressful.